John Worsfold shares his vision

June 2, 2014

Former coach of the West Coast Eagles and two-time AFL premiership player, John Worsfold spoke with heart and lung transplant patients at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) on Tuesday 27 May.

After a tour of the RPH physiotherapy gym, John spoke about the importance of retaining a focus on goals and personal visions when experiencing difficult circumstances.  

“As people progress through difficult events in life, the most important thing is to identify the necessary steps to overcome a struggle and keeping motivated by the prospect of positive outcomes,” said John.

“The most powerful tool a person has is to be themselves, and to embody the direction, the vision and the future that they want for themselves.”

Patients also had the opportunity to ask John questions about the triumphs and tribulations that he experienced during his 20-year professional football career.

“Success is measurable in so many different ways,” John said.  

“So the important thing is to be clear about your personal goals and what you want in the future. If you are focused and passionate about your vision, there is no reason why we can’t all achieve our goals.”

The event was hosted by the RPH Physiotherapy Department in conjunction with the WA Heart and Lung Transplant Foundation (external site)