International delegates visit Royal Perth Hospital

March 31, 2015

RPH recently hosted a group of Indonesian delegates providing valuable insight into world-class medical facilities. 

Chairman of Strikes, a tertiary level nursing learning organisation, Mr Rudiczon Doko Patty said that the group wanted to gain first-hand knowledge on how an internationally recognised hospital operates.

“I came to RPH to learn about the world-class health facilities and educational opportunities available to staff,” Mr Patty said.

“The hospital showed excellent leadership in the medical field, whilst implementing strong professional development programs to support this. The efficiency and effectiveness of staff is something I would like to take back to Indonesia and teach my students.”

During their visit, the group experienced different areas of the hospital and saw first-hand how areas such as the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit, State Adult Trauma Unit and Ward 4A operate.

From this experience Mr Patty aims to take back to West Java his new knowledge as encouragement to his students wanting to practice medicine in an Australian facility.