RPH Helipad upgrade - Crane installation

Mock-up of new RPH helipad
August 27, 2020

A significant milestone has been reached in Royal Perth Hospital’s helipad upgrade works with the installation of a crane.

The crane will be installed from 7am to 7pm on Saturday 29 August 2020. The crane installation process will cause some minor traffic disturbances in and around the intersection of Moore, Lord and Wittenoom streets.

Remember to slow down and pay attention to the signs and traffic controllers.

The new $9.5 million helipad is scheduled to open in late 2021 and will allow RPH to receive the next generation of rescue helicopters that will be deployed by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services. The current helipad will continue to operate as normal throughout the construction process.

The new helicopters are larger, faster, and capable of travelling longer distances than the state’s current rescue helicopters, significantly improving the health outcomes of sick and injured patients throughout the rural and remote regions of Western Australia.

Currently, Royal Perth Hospital receives up to 300 helicopter landings per year, with up to 50 per cent of these being for patients suffering major traumas.

With this number set to increase in the coming years, the helipad upgrade is a vital investment in the further of RPH and our ability to provide what matters most to our acutely sick patients from across Western Australia.

Further to this, the new helipad will allow RPH to continue to play the lead role in the State’s coordination and management of mass casualty and disaster preparedness scenarios.

RPH and State Major Trauma Director Dr Sudhakar Rao explains the new helipad is vital for RPH and trauma patients across the state.

“The speed at which a trauma patient receives treatment is directly linked to the outcome,” said Dr Rao.

“The sooner they arrive at a major trauma hospital the better for them and the helicopters are absolutely vital to this.”

The upgrade will also make landing and taking off easier for the rescue helicopter pilots, with the new helipad being raised to allow 360-degree access for helicopter pilots and removing the narrow flight path required to access the current helipad.

The new helipad is scheduled to be opened in 2022.