Healthy options at Victorias Cafe

April 1, 2014

The Catering team at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) serve over 5000 people every day and prepare over 38,100 meals a week. As well as meeting the complex dietary requirements of inpatients, the service provides food, snacks and drinks to staff and visitors through Victoria’s Café on Level 3 of our Wellington Street Campus.

A/Manager of the retail section, Keith Long, and his team have been working alongside WA School Canteens Association and Public Health dietician, Charlene Shoneye, to assess the nutrient profile of the menu in Victoria’s Café.

Keith was pleased to discover that the majority of food in the carvery section was rated green under the WA School Canteens Association ‘traffic light’ system. Lean cuts of meat are served with up to five vegetables providing a well-balanced and nutritious meal.

“The meat is a great source of iron and protein but low in fat and the selection of different veg will provide at least half of the five serves a day recommended by the Australian Dietary Guidelines,” says Charlene.

“Avoid the crackling and a use a small amount of gravy or sauces to make this is a healthy option for a satisfying meal.”

If you are on the go or trying to manage your weight; lunch times can be difficult. According to Charlene, those who skip lunch or opt for too small a snack are likely to end up over eating or lacking energy later.

“The trick is to eat something filling that provides the nutrients your body needs without the extra calories,” Charlene said. “Victoria’s has a range of baguettes, salads, sushi trays and stir fry dishes at less than 350 calories per serve.”