Having a heart for research

Photograph of Dr Riti Chetty
April 20, 2018

Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) Registrar Dr Riti Chetty has recently been awarded a registrar research fellowship for her project aimed at delivering better health outcomes relating to cardiovascular health.

The project looks into the short-term benefits of a combination pill needed to lower blood pressure and improve overall cardiovascular health.

Dr Chetty said the fellowship means she will now be able to dedicate her time to research.

“This fellowship allows me to conduct high quality research that has the ability to provide significant benefits to patients,” Dr Chetty said.

“High blood pressure is a real-life clinical problem and for the next year I will be able to devote myself to another aspect of medicine, spending half my time researching this project and half on my normal clinical routine.”

“Doctors see this problem commonly and don’t have sufficient answers – this project adds another piece to the puzzle to help solve the problem.”

To measure the results of the project, patients will have echocardiograms and a cardiac MRI at the start of their treatment and again 12 months later to see if their diastolic function improves.

Dr Chetty encourages other young doctors to take on a research fellowship.

“There are a lot of young doctors out there who are wondering if there is something else besides clinical work that they might enjoy,” she said.

“This fellowship provides the opportunity to take a step back from the clinical world and enter a new pathway – it has the potential to change your career outcomes for the better.”