Have you met Dr Sumit Sinha-Roy?

Photo of Dr Sumit Sinha-Roy
February 22, 2019

We sat down with Royal Perth Bentley Group's (RPBG) Deputy Director of Clinical Services Dr Sumit Sinha-Roy to find out more about him and his experience so far at RPBG.

How long have you worked with RPBG?

It feels like it’s only been a couple of weeks since I arrived but it’s been five months already.

Where did you work previously?

I spent five years at Charlies [Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital] and a similar amount of time before that working in the NHS, in hospitals around North London.

What is the best thing about working at RPBG?

Like any organisation the best thing about it are the people and I would have to say one of the highlights of my time at RPBG so far has been meeting with lots of different staff and patients.

Within the first couple of weeks of joining RPBG I was standing on the bridge, talking to staff about the Choosing Wisely program.The overall message that came across was that staff were enthusiastic and happy about their work and how we were developing as an organisation in the Choosing Wisely space.

I recently went to Ward 2K for Leadership Rounding, and the staff there were so welcoming and I really enjoyed my chats with them. There are still many areas of our hospitals and services that I have not been to yet, so I am keen to get out there and meet as many people as I can.

What is one piece of advice that you want to share with the hospital staff?

Even though the health system may appear complex, we all really can have an influence on how we improve not just patient care, but our own work, and work environments. We’re all by and large going to spend most of our adult lives at work, so we might as well make it an enjoyable place to be!

What do you see as the next big goal or milestone for the RPBG Choosing Wisely Program?

I think we need to first take a step back, and ask the question “what is Choosing Wisely”? It’s actually a combination of clinical curiosity and reflection.

In an era of activity based funding it is easy to ascribe program like Choosing Wisely as vehicles to save dollars. It is in fact a chance for us to understand why we do things in a certain way, and see if there are better ways to do things.

So the biggest milestone is for us to use the data we have from our own practises to make changes at a local and state level and perhaps even provide some recommendations at a national level.

What are you most looking forward to in your role as Deputy Director of Clinical Services, RPBG?

Essentially to further integrate myself within the organisation. To listen to the staff and colleagues, to come up with innovative ways to do our work.

As people get to know me, I tend to be on the hyper end of the activity spectrum, so I am always keen to get involved with as many initiatives as possible, without spreading myself too thin!

Which EMHS value(s) do you identify the most with?

In short all the values fit with me as values are always inter-linked, and never singular.

You cannot work in healthcare without having respect for your colleagues, patients and their families. Respect comes through demonstrating integrity in what you do and is the linchpin for your own internal moral compass.

Kindness comes in many forms, but true kindness to me is not looking for reciprocation but just being thoughtful and kind in everything that you do.

Accountability is a shared responsibility that cannot be attained without collaboration, and without collaboration excellence in healthcare delivery can never be achieved. The main way we collaborate is through a various communication mechanisms, and in our communication we must convey kindness and respect.