Fundraising is not just a fantasy

March 18, 2014

Michelle Dennis, Facilities Management Secretary at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) and part-time author is raising funds for the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) Foundation with the publication of her first children’s book Wolfbaene.

Wolfbaene is a fantasy fiction story that chronicles the life of William Knight, a seventeen year old boy who has never quite fit in. When William is suddenly whisked away from civilisation to the medieval village of Chermside by a talking dragon, he is presented with a mission only a brave knight is capable of. Wolfbaene follows William and his brother Thomas on their quest to save the queen, telling a story of courage, fear and the formidable strength of family.

Wolfbaene is a fantasy story that, through the adventures of William and Thomas, highlights the importance of courage and facing your fears when dealing with difficult situations,” Michelle said.

Michelle, who has worked at RPH for 3 years, says she was inspired by the intrigue of the pine forests and wineries around her home in Ellenbrook, north east of Perth.

“The beauty of the natural surrounds and vineyards that envelop our property gave my imagination a real boost- the adventures of William and Thomas were just screaming to be written down,” Michelle said.

“It wasn’t until people started asking me what I was doing and why I was frantically taking notes that thoughts about getting the book published crossed my mind,” she said.

In 2013, after almost five years of writing, editing and refining Wolfbaene, Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd UK published Michelle’s book.

“The success of Wolfbaene is very personal to me,” Michelle said.

“My daughter was admitted to Princess Margaret Hospital when she was seven and the quality of care she received was fantastic, so donating the proceeds of the book to the PMH Foundation was an easy decision.

Michelle is passionate about the need for children to immerse themselves in literature from an early age.

“The opportunity to communicate with children and engross them in a literary adventure with my book is a wonderfully rewarding experience,” Michelle said.

“Sometimes I still find it hard to believe that I am a published author.”

Wolfbaene is available on Amazon (external site), the Book Depository (external site) and at Dymocks stores in Morley, Joondalup and Ellenbrook. Additional orders can be made by emailing Support Michelle in raising funds for the PMH Foundation and purchase a copy of Wolfbaene today!