RPH’s Dr Damian Wong announced as award finalist

Photograph of Dr Damian Wong
June 27, 2019

Dr Damian Wong has been announced as one of three finalists for the Camille Michener AMA (WA) Junior Doctor of the Year Award 2019.

Damian has been acknowledged for his contribution to Junior Medical Officer (JMO) welfare at RPBG, EMHS and beyond with his enthusiastic and collaborative approach to his work, colleagues, and the welfare of JMOs.

In his three years as a JMO at RPH Damian became known for his selflessness and willingness to help others, particularly his fellow JMOs. Damian has gone above and beyond the normal course of work on many occasions, including:

  • participating in ongoing meetings with the state Notifications and Clinical Summaries (NaCS) group to drive improvements in NaCS and other technologies, benefitting JMOs widely in WA
  • advocating for JMO issues with his regular attendance at the RPH JMO Liaison Committee and participation in the RMO Society at RPH
  • providing valuable contributions in the NaCS Medication Redesign work
  • volunteering his time during RPH's regular doctors’ orientations to improve communication and support through the RMO Society
  • attending the JMO careers expo events and intern recruitment events
  • helped drive the Junior Doctors’ Wellbeing Program
  • being approachable and available to junior doctors and ensuring their concerns are heard and escalated when appropriate.

Congratulations Damian on your kind, committed and collaborative approach to your work and colleagues.