Dr Caitriona's Patient Opinion story

Dr Caitriona on the RPH level 4 bridge
Dr Caitriona at RPH.
August 7, 2019

Royal Perth Hospital’s Emergency Department has received a Patient Opinion story from a patient who arrived with a concussion and wanted to share his experience with the team that cared for him.

Patient Matt reached out to us to share more about his story and the amazing care he received from Dr Caitriona (pictured).

Matt was referred to the ED by his GP after sustaining a head injury in a football game earlier in the day.

“Two went in for the mark and unfortunately I came off second best, but the team did go on to win the game!”

“I was attended to by the caring Dr Caitriona, who performed a number of tests to ensure that I was diagnosed correctly. She performed the tests with care and the tests were extremely comprehensive. She was very clear with her explanations and was confident in her diagnosis.”

Matt’s partner also took the opportunity to pass on her gratitude for the care he received.

“Put simply – we just can’t praise the ED staff enough. From the triage nurse through to the ED nursing staff and the junior doctor who assessed – everyone was professional, thorough and made us feel at ease.”

Now, Matt is feeling much better and will be back on the team within the week.