Celebrating more than four millennia of service

September 26, 2014

Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) has become the workplace of choice for many healthcare professionals, particularly the 311 staff members who celebrated 4770 years of combined service at the Long Service Awards last week.

A/Executive Director Dr Aresh Anwar presented the awards and said the commitment of these staff members not only highlighted their loyalty but also their belief in RPH as a place that provides lifelong careers.

“RPH strives to offer excellent healthcare and it is our dedicated staff members who ensure that our patients are getting the best care available,” Dr Anwar said.

This year, one of those dedicated staff members is Senior Medical Scientist Frank Kosaras, who celebrates 50-years of service after beginning his career at Royal Perth Hospital in 1964 as a Trainee Medical Technologist.

“For the majority of my 50-years at RPH I have worked in the Microbiology Department,” Mr Kosaras said.

“I have received so many career opportunities at RPH and have been privileged to work with outstanding colleagues including people who have made global contributions to medicine.”

Mr Kosaras has made many significant contributions, including playing a major role in the process to computerise Microbiology at RPH in 1979.

“After only four weeks training in computer programming I was tasked with developing the first computer system for the use of our Microbiologists,” Mr Kosaras said.

“Our Microbiology Laboratory became the first clinical laboratory in Australia to establish its own computer system.”

At this year’s awards 207 people celebrate ten years of service, 62 celebrate twenty years, 23 celebrate thirty years, 18 celebrate forty years and, Mr Kosaras celebrates fifty years.

The Long Service Awards have been held annually at RPH since 1983 and recognise each decade of service a staff member has reached.