Antibiotic Awareness Week at Royal Perth Hospital

November 18, 2015

From 16-22 November 2015, Royal Perth Hospital is recognising Antibiotic Awareness Week with this year's theme, Antibiotics: Handle with care.

Antibiotics are prescribed to treat infections caused by bacteria. However, with overuse and misuse many bacteria are now becoming resistant to commonly prescribed antibiotics, making them more difficult to treat.

Over Antibiotic Awareness Week patients, carers and staff are encouraged to learn how to use antibiotics safely and understand what role they can play in preventing antibiotic resistance.

As a patient or carer there are a number of steps you can take to make a difference to antibiotic resistance:

  • know the purpose of antibiotics
  • understand that you don't need antibiotics for most common colds and influenza
  • tell your doctor you only want antibiotics if it is really necessary
  • take the right dose of antibiotics, at the right time, for the duration of the course as prescribed by your doctor.

For more information about Antibiotic Awareness Week, visit the National Prescribing Service website (external link).

For an interesting look at the impact of incorrect antibiotic use take a look at the top videos entered into this year's short film competition – #SaveTheScript (external link).