1000 Day Challenge

1000 Day Challenge logo
May 11, 2018

On 23 March 2018, the Royal Perth Bentley Group launched the 1000 Day Challenge – a new program where, over the next 1000 days, the organisation will review every aspect of the service it provides with the aim of becoming Australia’s Safest Healthcare Group.

The Royal Perth Bentley Group is an organisation that wants to continually improve the service delivery and outcomes for patients. This means constantly reviewing, investigating and improving the way we operate, to make sure everything we do is the very best it can be.

As a part of the 1000 Day Challenge, every 200 days the organisation will be tasked with a series of deliverables to work towards.

It is important that all aspects of our care and service delivery complement each other. As a part of the challenge four categories, known as pillars, have been established. Our initiatives, service delivery and daily business at the Royal Perth Bentley Group will now fit within one of these pillars, and measured accordingly:

  • Deliver what matters most – provide the service that our consumers have determined they want most.
  • No patient harm – create a safe hospital environment for our patients through minimising the risk of harm.
  • Consistent high quality care – minimise unexplained variation in patient care so our patients receive the best possible outcomes.
  • Culture of continuous improvement – providing the opportunity to build and enhance their skills.

Keep an eye out for regular updates and progress on the 1000 Day Challenge as we move towards becoming Australia’s Safest Healthcare Group.